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B & G Trailers, Inc. is a full service, factory authorized dealer of the finest Boat Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Utility Trailers and more!




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Trailer Wheel/Rim & Tire Assemblies, Hubs & Bearings

At the B & G Trailer Parts Store, we offer high quality wheels/rims & tires of all sizes completely assembled.  And we have the hubs and bearings to go with them.  Small or large, we have the wheels for you!
Please Note:  Do not order wheels and tires based on our pictures alone.   The pictures are generic and are only a representation of the actual the style of the wheel and tire.

Our Nylon Bias-Ply tires have been constructed for better high speed durability and bruise resistance under heavy loads. Trailer tire construction varies substantially from automotive tires, therefore it is essential to choose the correct tire for your towing application. Please refer to your "Gross Vehicle Weight" (weight of load and trailer combined) and lug nut configuration when choosing the right tire for your trailer. We carry 8-inch to 16-inch wheels.

  Our Radial “Trailer” tires have been constructed for better high speed durability and bruise resistance under heavy loads. They are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions and are designed specifically for trailer towing. These premium steel-belted radial tires offer state-of-the-art radial technology, a heat dissipating tread design for longer life, even wear and all season traction.  We carry 8-inch to 16-inch wheels.


 B & G Trailers carries a wide selection of high quality cast iron and galvanized trailer hubs. Whether you are replacing your entire hub or re-building the old one, it is very important to use the proper size replacement parts.

At B & G Trailers, you can purchase complete Trailer Bearing Kits or individual Bearing Parts.   Replace your worn Bearings before they cause you problems!

 We have all the hardware you need for securing and replacing  the tires, hubs, bearing and more for your trailer. 

Trailer Spare Tire Carriers

Never travel without a spare!  We have all kinds of spare tire mounts just right for your trailer.  Have one when you need one!

We carry thousands of trailer parts.  We have the largest stock of trailer parts anywhere. 

What can we do for you?


B & G Trailers, Inc.
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DeLand, Fla
(386) 734-5244

We also have the largest selection of used & refurbished trailers anywhere!

Please contact us. We are here to serve you!

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